I was raised on a farm in Coldwater, Mississippi, so I knew how to do it all. I even worked on a farm after I got married and had six children. We then moved to St. Louis where my husband started a construction business. After 14 years of marriage, we divorced and I held jobs in Chicago, including part-time work at nursing homes. When I moved back to Memphis in 1969 I worked at Dinstuhl's Candy, as well as several private homes.
I realize now that before I attended the LIFE classes, I had low self-esteem. Since I didn't go to school, I felt like I couldn't do certain things. After I graduated from LIFE, I found out that going to school was fine, but I didn't necessarily need school to know that I could be independent and do things for myself. The way I look at it, if you can do it so can I, with the help of God.
Now I'm a happy senior, and I feel fine. I keep up a home by myself, and do volunteer work at a nursing home. I love it, and when I'm not there they miss me so much, 'til I have to go and see them.
As for the Senior Link Hotline, the work is also rewarding. Lots of times I share my own experiences with callers, since I know how to manage things and make ends meet. Raising six children, I once got so down I had to get on welfare. So I realize that at age 68 I've been through lots of what I'm hearing from other seniors. And I try with God's help to do all I can for them.