My father was a farmer, so I was born and raised in rural America. My fondest memories are from when I was a child, when the land near the Tennessee/Alabama line was just like a park, even better than going to the park nowadays would be. I finished high school in Monrovia, Alabama and came to Memphis in 1951.
I've had several jobs since then. I worked at the old Mallory Air Force Depot until it closed, then moved to the old Army Depot, and stayed until I retired in 1990. I then took on lots of volunteer work. There's just not enough people to do all that's needed in the volunteer field. I am now President of the local AARP chapter, and do lots of other things. I am also very much into arts and crafts, doing woodcarving, macrame, and a litle oil painting.
I'm a very active Vice President, of LIF, and am Chair of the Cookbook Committee, which we hope to have out by Fall. There are so many things that need doing; nobody should retire and say they don't have anything to do.
When I took the LIF class one thing led to another, and I wound up here at Senior Link. I've made good friends with a whole new group of people here at LIF and Senior Link, and it's rewarding to be able to help others who need it. You just feel good when you go home at the end of the day. And there is such a need-- people are desperate for help and just don't know where to go. So far we've been able to help everybody that's called, even though they might have to wait a little while until we find the answer. But they are really appreciative, so everything I do helps me as much as it does them.