I was born here in Memphis, and attended public schools here until I went to college at Tuskeegee, Alabama. AfterI graduated I worked in Arkansas for three years. I then returned to Memphis to work as a nutritionist with the Dairy Council and at E.H.Crump Hospital. After I got married and started a family, I went into the school system because teaching seemed more compatible with family life. I taught for thirty years, then retired eight years ago. Now I do lots of volunteer work--at the Civil Rights Museum, MIFA, and of course, my Church. All this keeps me very busy, plus I have five grandchildren.
I think my work in the health field prepared me for working with senior concerns. Plus I was a caregiver for my invalid mother, then an elderly aunt for a while. I came to the LIFE program through the Golden Age program at my Church, and graduated from LIFE in 1996. After going through the LIFE program, I've been able not only to empower myself, but to use what I've learned to work with the seniors at my Church and Senior Link I can really appreciate the work that's being done here at Senior Link Hotline, because I know there is such a need. If this help had been available to me, things would have been much easier.