I was born in Memphis, and attended nursing school here. I worked as a nurse for 27 years, starting at Baptist Hospital, in surgery as well as psychiatry, and it was quite interesting. Then I did work in nursing homes, specializing in Alzheimer's Disease, which required a bit of patience!
I then had a death in my own family, and joined a support group. Friends encouraged me to join the LIFE class, and it thoroughly helped me to do so. As I had been through many changes, I felt I needed some support, something to keep me busy. The LIFE classes taught me so many things that have helped me to help other older Americans. One was how to maintain your independence as you grow older. After the LIFE classes I was able to help a very elderly neighbor become more independent, after she had been very dependent on other people.
When seniors call the Hotline, it just makes me feel good. I don't know of a single time that we have not been able to help. People even call back and thank us for helping them. I enjoy the fellowship we have here with each other; we work together as a team. And being from different backgrounds, we have knowledge about lots of different things.It's all so rewarding, and I feel really empowered when I help others who call us.