I was born in Memphis, and grew up here. I have a family of four children and three grandchildren, and I didn't work until my last child was in the first grade. My husband then allowed me to get a job (laughs).
I worked at the Defense Depot here in Memphis, as a data transcriber and shipping clerk. We made shipments to different military bases throughout the world. I enjoyed that work, but did retire in 1992, after 26 years of service. My job taught me how to deal with people-- all the different departments, and all the people on the telephone.
We have a senior organization at my Church and I'm now a part of that. I'm also a member of the Goodwill Senior group. Through this church work I am very used to seniors and their problems. I'm a '94 graduate of the LIFE program, and a part of the Age Stage Theater Troup.
I've been telling the seniors at my Church about the LIFE program and the Senior Link Hotline. We have different resources to deal with the problems when they call in, and we can help. Senior Link is helping me too, because it gives me a good feeling when I help someone else. I'm also learning a lot. When I find answers to someone else's needs, it gives me a little more knowledge.