I'm a retired Memphis City School teacher. I taught for over 31 years. I've been married for 45 years and have two sons. I was my Mother's only child and she worked hard to send me to school. So when she became ill, I moved her into my home. She was an invalid and I had no help. She would fall and I would be home by myself, and would struggle to help her off the floor. So I have sympathy for other people who need help.
When people call our Hotline, I do everything I can to try and help them. When you are alone, you really need it. I guess being a teacher also gives me lots of patience, and I'm thankful for that. I have a tendency to listen to people but I try not to take on their problems. Just like when I was teaching, I try not to carry everyone's problems home with me. You just can't. But I CAN help them.
When I retired from teaching, I volunteered a lot. I taught for six years at Shelby State in remedial reading. My Church had a tutoring program and I was able to help with that. I was volunteering my life away, and didnt have any time for myself. But all this has taught me a lot about seniors. I understand, and I'm able to help. I know that these callers are sincere in their needs.