I was born in Bolivar, Tennessee, a small town not too far from here, but I grew up and went to school here in Memphis. After I graduated I went to nursing school, then moved to California and lived there for 34 years. I had a family of seven children, and now I have a host of grandchildren.
When I moved back to Memphis, I was kind of "doing nothing", and someone introduced me to the LIF program and Senior Link. This was one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me, because like I said I was pretty bored. This program has been a real lifesaver.
Being a nurse has helped me at Senior Link, because I like working with people. I haven't been a nurse for a long while, but it's still in my blood. So it's nice working at Senior Link, getting to know people, visiting with them on the phone--and helping them. "Sometimes people are so lonesome they just need to hear a friendly voice. And it's always nice to know that you're helping someone."