My official title with the Senior Link Hotline is Project Assistant, and I work twenty hours a week. I ran a distribution center for vending machine manufacturers for years. I was transferred to Memphis in 1979, and retired in 1995. Soon after that my wife got me to attend the LIFE class, and I was amazed at the opportunities.
My own medical problems had shown me how frustrating it can be for seniors who are trying to get help. I got disgusted with all the phone calls, being put on hold, and all that. I realized that if I had problems trying to get answers, other seniors were having the same or worse problems.
That's how I got involved with Senior Link Hotline. The need is so great, and believe me, there's lots of expertise in this office. We get all sorts of calls from people asking for information and help. That's really why I got involved, to give seniors a better alternative.